I'd love to partner with you before or after you meet your new bundle:


Birth Doula Services

Post Partum Doula Support



Birth Doula Services

Who: A trained professional with experience to help you plan for the birth you envision, can provide guidance and support, a neutral sounding board for one of the most important life events.

What: provide educational resources, discuss options for positions and comfort measures, a neutral party to help navigate communication with your loved ones, a source of emotional support for you and your partner, breastfeeding support.

When: prenatal visits, during the big day, and postpartum support.

Where: at home, birthing center, or hospital.

How: Click the CONTACT tab and request a free consultation.


Post Partum Doula Support

So you've had your baby, now what????

Who:  a trained professional with experience with newborns and children of all ages to help you navigate through the new changes to your family.

What: breastfeeding support, light household cleaning and meal prep, entertaining older siblings to allow mom to bond with the baby, but most importantly, customized help as you transition to your "new normal."

When: as early as you wish and thru your baby's first birthday.

Where:  at home.....or anywhere you need me: a trip to the grocery store, your first shopping trip for "mom" clothes, take the older kids out of the house so you can get some peace and quiet....I'll be there!

How: request info through the CONTACT tab, call 224-688-2994, or email tinytusksdoula@gmail.com for your free consultation.